Sheet Metal & Custom

When we first began making metal roof flashings in 1916, our machines were powered by the hands and feet of our foremen. In the decades since then, our manufacturing processes have developed alongside the technology that is essential to our work.


From All Your Industrial Ductwork Needs…Look to Hahnel Brothers Co. of Maine

Whether the duct systems are used in offices, schools, paper mills or manufacturing plants, HBC can design, fabricate and install it. All to keep you warm, cool, dry and clean.

We’ve got 88 years worth of sheet metal fabrication experience, not to mention the latest technologies, including:

Computer Controlled Plasma Burning Table
Automated Press Brakes
Sheet Metal Duct Coil Line

Our Ductwork is fabricated from:

  • Galvanized Steel
  • Hot Rolled Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • PVC
  • Polypropylene

Applications include:

  • Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) ductwork
  • Industrial – Commercial – Institutional – Residential Systems
  • Dust Collection – Fume exhaust
  • Cyclones – Blowers
  • Blower Repair – Impeller Balancing
  • Pneumatic Conveying System Design
  • Stacks

We’ve got an extensive inventory in stock to meet your custom project requirements. Our ductwork fabrication materials are available in sizes from 26 gauge to 16 gauge.

All Hahnel Brothers’ Fabrication and Installation processes comply with the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA) HVAC Duct Construction Standards

Material Handling

We maintain over 250,000 pounds of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal siding, as well as over 100,000 square-feet of rolling membrane. For questions regarding specific materials, please contact us here.

Our state-of the-art shops have standardized HBC fabrication machinery on ¼” thick mild steel by 120” long.

Our inventory of Hot Rolled Steel, Aluminum and Stainless steel plates is the best in the industry.

You’ll find our capabilities the broadest in the industry. We can accomodate:

  • Mig Welding
  • Tig Welding
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Angle Rolling
  • Machine Plate Rolls

Quality is Critical: Our Heavy Gauge Ventilation Systems designed in accordance with SMACNA Industrial Construction Standards for Paper Mills & Manufacturing facilities. Our work is guaranteed.

Hahnel Bros. Co. has been designing dust collection systems for decades, servicing manufacturers in the State of Maine with pneumatic waste removal systems.

In additional to design services, Hahnel Bros. Co. has been manufacturing material handling blowers, medium efficiency dust collection cyclones and a line of flanged piping, delivering complete, economical, single-source dust collection systems to our clients.

Hahnel Bros. Co’s design services give a unique, applied-engineered expertise to the fabrication of waste capture hoods and other specialty deliverables.


At Hahnel Bros. Co., both our foremen and our tools are held to the highest standards possible. With nearly 800 years of combined experience, our team will come through on even the most highly-customized project. From fabrication to finish, we are confident that our products will exceed your expectations.

Custom Fabrication

We can do almost any custom metal fabrication!

With all the tools and machinery available to make roofing flashings and accessories, as well as duct systems, it has been easy over the years to stimulate & challenge the creativity of our master mechanics by doing the impossible with sheet metal. We can create that piece of metal that gives you peace of mind by making you warm, dry, cool or clean.

Our experienced craftsmen can perform MIG,TIG and plastic welding. A paint shop allows our products to have that finishing touch.

Our job shop philosophy has been developed from decades of service to innovative customers demanding specialty products.

Whether fabricated from carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum or plastic, our unique ability to satisfy the needs of today’s entrepreneurs and business people is well known in the industry.

Our specialty fabrication capabilities are virtually unlimited

We achieve the goal and enjoy the challenge every time!

Fabrication Specialties:

  • Machine Guards
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Vacuum Systems
  • Welding fume Exhaust Systems
  • Vehicle Exhaust Systems

Our custom fabrication job shop completes hundreds of one-of-a-kind products annually.

Examples of Custom Fabrication Projects we commonly do:

  • OSHA-Approved Machine Guards
  • Cupolas & Cornices
  • Storm Water Metering Devices
  • Vintage Auto Body Parts
  • Invention Prototypes
  • Forms for Concrete and Fiberglass
  • Privey Risers

Stainless Steel Counters

Shearing and bending metal flashing and fabricating stainless steel ductwork for the paper industry has been the genesis for our niche in the custom stainless steel counter business.

Our sheet metal craftsmen have a showcase for their creative skills and fine workmanship where they produce one of a kind, custom stainless steel counters for a homeowner or business.

Counters can incorporate customized:

Straight Edges
Bullnose Edges
Bevel Edges
Integrally Welded Sinkds
Custom Depth Sinks
Multiple Sinks
Curved Top
Contact us for an estimate

Machine Guards

As corporations embrace responsibility for the well being of their employees, we at HBC are positioned to help.

Our tools and skills have been used in-house to protect our own employees. We couple these skills with engineering expertise, to create Machine Guards for our clients which meet OSHA specifications and rules.

Our Machine Guards protect employees on many shop floors in many industries. Contact us for custom Machine Guard fabrication.